Baby Immunization Philippines: What shots does your baby need?

Baby Immunization Philippines: What shots does your baby need?

Vaccinations are important to protect your child from disease and sickness. Keep your child safe and make sure that he gets properly vaccinated today!

Immunization is your child’s first defense against deadly diseases. Right after your baby is born, she will already be given her first shots (with your consent) to get her started on a healthy life.

According to the UNICEF, early protection via immunization is crucial. The recommendation is to fulfill the first two years’ schedule.

Immunization works before the disease strike. The risk of missing out on immunization puts your child in the danger of contracting measles, whooping cough, and many other diseases that can kill. While some children do survive these, they end up being weakened and having their growth compromised, even to the extent of suffering permanent disability.

Baby Immunization Philippines: Shots needed within first year of age

1. BCG (Bacille-Calmette-Guerin) vaccine

Offers partial protection against some forms of tuberculosis and leprosy.

2. DTP vaccine, also known as DTaP / DTwP (Diptheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular/Whole Cell Pertussis Vaccine)

Protects verus (1) diphtheria, an infection of the upper respiratory tract, which can lead to breathing difficulties and death; (2) tetanus, which causes rigid muscles and painful muscle spasms and can cause death; and (3) pertussis or whooping cough, which causes a cough that lasts 4 to 8 weeks and can be very dangerous in infants, causing pneumonia that leads to brain damage, seizures, and mental retardation.

3. Polio vaccine

Polio causes disability, usually characterized by a floppy limb or being unable to move.

4. Hepatitis B vaccine

Children who contract hepatitis B can develop serious liver problems, such as cancer, when they’re older

5. Haemophilus influenzae type B (HiB) meningitis vaccine

Hib meningitis is a preventable disease, but very deadly. Children who do survive it end up with deafness, seizures, or mental retardation.

** Your doctor may offer you a pentavalent vaccine (five vaccines in one). This combines the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B and HiB vaccines and is becoming more commonly available these days.

6. Pneumococoal conjugate (PCV) vaccine

Pneumococcal meningitis can develop long-term complications such as deafness or seizures, and is potentially fatal.

7. Measles vaccine

protects against the ill effects of the disease, including malnutrition, poor mental development, and hearing and visual problems. Measles can also be fatal.

8. Rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe acute gastroenteritis (vomiting and severe diarrhea) among children worldwide. Severe rotavirus diarrhea is especially risky for children below 2 years old.

9. Varicella vaccine

protects against chickenpox, a highly contagious disease that is very uncomfortable and sometimes serious.

10. MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccine

This 3-in-one shot protects against the symptoms and complications of measles (can lead to ear infection, pneumonia, seizures (jerking and staring), brain damage, and death); mumps (can lead to deafness, meningitis (infection of the brain and spinal cord covering), painful swelling of the testicles or ovaries, rare cases of sterility; and rubella or German Measles, which is more likely to cause severe problems when it infects a pregnant woman, causing miscarriage or birth defects.

11. Hepatitis A (HAV)

Not all countries require a the Hep A vaccine, but in the Philippines were poor sanitation is commonly present, your child is better off protected. While most cases are mild, severe ones are life threatening. Hep A virus can be transmitted through contaminated food or water.

12. Influenza (flu)

From 6 months of age, your baby needs a flu vaccine every year. Scientists predict the most prevalent strains every year and the annual shot protects at least three different flu virus strains.

The current schedule recommended is as follows...

The current schedule recommended is as follows...

The pentavent vaccine (DTP, HepB, HiB) is given at 2, 4, and 6 months of age.


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