7 Hottest baby name trends for 2017

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Still deciding on what to call your baby? Looking at what's popular is a good place to start. Here, baby name experts weigh in on the baby name trends for 2017.

Are you due to have a baby in 2017? Or are you planning to have a baby next year? If you still haven’t decided on a name, you might want to see what’s going to be popular next year, according to the experts at Today’s Parent and Nameberry.

1. Power names

More and more parents are giving their babies power names, and we’re not talking about simply paying homage to powerful figures in history, but actually taking the name of deities. Expect names from different mythologies from all over the world.

Examples: Odin, Luna, Pandora, Thor, Freya, Messiah

baby name trends 2017

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2. Smooth sounding names

Names that sound musical and light will continue to be popular, as well as names with N and L sounds.

Examples: Mia, Noah, Lucas, Lillian, Norman, Samson

3. Literary names

Naming your baby after a literary character or author is one easy way to show the world how well-read you are. Storybook characters are popular, as well as names from classical literature (i.e. Shakespearean) and authors’ names.

Examples: Matilda, Alica, Holden, Romeo, Cordelia, Austen, Poe, Angelou

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