LOOK: Toni and Paul's baby Seve's dedication

LOOK: Toni and Paul's baby Seve's dedication

Baby Seve is nearing his 'halfy' birthday! Before that, however, he marked another milestone. Check out highlights from his recent dedication ceremony, below!

The baby boy of actress/host Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano was dedicated on Sunday, March 19, a little over a week before he turns 6 months old!

Proud tita, Toni’s sis, Alex shared a family picture on her Instagram, writing: “Our chabiloo’s dedication day to our Lord Jesus Christ yesterday!!! We love you chabiloooo.”

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For her part, Toni shared photos of the private reception which followed the dedication.

LOOK: Toni and Paul's baby Seve's dedication

screengrab: Youtube

LOOK: Toni and Paul's baby Seve's dedication

photos: Toni Gonzaga’s Instagram stories

The Gonzaga family are devout born-again Christians.

After being a mom for nearly six months, Toni truly feels she’s found new meaning in her life.

“Grabe ang pagbabago sa buhay ko ngayon. Parang life has a whole new meaning,” she gushed to ABS-CBN news. “Kaya pala ako nabuhay kasi meron pala akong buhay na iluluwal. Ang taba, napakataba.”

She added, “Iba pala talaga ‘yung pakiramdam na may life formed na lumabas from you. Talagang I feel like I am a partner of God in bringing this miracle in the world.”

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