7 babysitters share the craziest things they’ve experienced on the job

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It’s not easy taking care of children you don’t know, you know?

People take babysitting for granted; it’s not easy taking care of children you don’t know. Yes, babysitters do get paid for the work that the do, but most of the time it’s not worth the horrors and headaches they have to endure on the job.

Over at Mama Mia, they compiled the craziest stories babysitters have experienced while on the job:

“I was held hostage in their house.”

“The mum and dad came home drunk and fighting. The dad went out to walk the dog and the mum locked the door with me inside. She kept saying ‘shh-shh’, while the dad screamed from the outside. She started saying things like, ‘He wants to kill himself instead of be with me—who says that?’ I reached for the lock to get out and she pulled my hand back saying, ‘No, leave him for a while’. I waited as long as I could then busted out of there.” — skintightmonopoly

“The nudist family’s children kept putting their clothes on when their parents left the house.”

“In high school, I met a nudist family at the local nude beach. They asked me to babysit, figuring I’d be comfortable with their lifestyle. No problem, easy money. Two boys (seven and nine), well behaved. The weird thing was that as soon as the parents left for their night out, the kids would start putting on clothes. By the time, they got home we were usually bundled up watching scary movies on TV. The parents always seemed a little uncomfortable with that, like I’d been perverting their kids into putting on clothes.” — Altarocks

“The parents had an orgy in the hot tub while I was sitting there.”

“Babysat for a family during my early teenage years. Parents were drunks. My very last night of babysitting for them they had an orgy in the hot tub while I was sitting there waiting for a ride home.” — alyssanerellih

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