Does your barangay fall on the earthquake fault line?

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PHIVOLCS recently reported that the following barangays are at risk of suffering from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that may cause over 30,000 deaths.

Ever since Nepal and Japan were hit by massive earthquakes in May 2015, the topic "Earthquake Philippines" has gone viral across the country with many worried that the Philippines would be hit next.  This was further aggravated by the release of PHIVOLCS' Valley Fault System Atlas - a collection of detailed large-scale maps that illustrates the areas that are near an earthquake fault.

The VFS is composed of two segments: the East Valley Fault running through Rizal, and the West Valley Fault, running through Bulacan, Rizal, Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna.

According to PHIVOLCS, the West Valley Fault is capable of generating a 7.2 earthquake which can result to 31,000 to 33,5000 deaths. While the East Valley Fault is capable of generating a 6.2 earthquake.

To know if your barangay falls along the East or West Valley Fault, scroll down:

Metro Manila barangays along the West Valley Fault

Metro Manila Barangays

Barangays outside Metro Manila along the West Valley Fault

Outside Metro Manila

Barangays along the East Valley Fault

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