8 Basic life skills that you need to teach your kids

Make sure to teach your kid these 8 important life skills so that they'll be prepared for life once they're all grown up!

As much as parents want to be the ones to take care of their kids for as long as possible, children will eventually grow up and become adults. That's why parents need to teach their kids these 10 basic life skills to ensure that their kids will be capable of handling themselves when they grow up!

1. How to cook

Cooking is a basic skill that your child needs to learn. Teaching your kids how to cook lets them learn how to be patient, to follow steps, and also improves their creativity.

Plus, when they're older, you can sometimes ask them to cook food for the family, which is a good way of teaching them responsibility.

2. Waking up on time

Learning how to wake up on time is an important life skill not just for when your child's all grown up, but it's also important that your children can wake themselves up and get ready for school by themselves once they're a bit older.

3. Doing the laundry

Teaching your kids to do the laundry is good since once they learn how to do it by themselves, they can help out some more around the house!

Plus, once they're older and living on their own, they won't need to always spend money at a laundromat just to wash their clothes.

4. Helping people who are in need

Being helpful is an important life skill that all kids need to learn since it teaches them selflessness and the value of helping people out.

Volunteering is also a great way to teach your child this life skill, so take the time to go out and help the community with your kids!

5. Pack their things for school

As your child grows older, you'll eventually need to let your child handle the task of preparing their things for school. It's a good way to teach them to be responsible for their things, and also lets them know the importance of always being prepared and doing things in advance.

It also teaches your child to be more independent and to start doing things on their own.

6. Do the groceries

Teaching your child to do the groceries helps them learn how to budget money, and to learn how to buy things on their own. You can give them a budget, and a checklist of things that they need to buy so that they can have the responsibility of doing the groceries.

7. Asking people for directions

Simple tasks such as asking people where a certain shop or restaurant is located is a good way of teaching your child to be more open to other people and to have the confidence to talk to people they're not close with.

8. Commute

Commuting is a basic life skill that all kids need to know, especially here in the Philippines. You don't necessarily have to leave them alone to commute by themselves, but what you can do is to guide and show them the different bus routes, train routes, and jeepney routes that they can take to get to different destinations.

You can start by teaching them how to commute from their school to your home, and vice versa. Teaching them to commute makes them more independent and enables them to do things on their own, without your assistance.

Source: parenting.com

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