Meet the mom who just pulled off the Beauty and the Beast birthday party of your dreams!

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Get to know Dorothy Bagting the creative and resourceful mom who threw her daughter an enchanting Beauty and the Beast themed 1st birthday! Find out what advice she has for moms who are party planning on a budget!

The much anticipated live action remake of Beauty and the Beast has hit cinemas!

Just in time, one mom who’s been a fan of the beloved Disney classic since she was a kid pulled off her own remake, in the form of her daughter Sarah Elizabeth’s 1st birthday party.

“Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney cartoon,” Dorothy Bagting said in an interview with theAsianparent Philippines. “I’ve been collecting various Beauty and the Beast items/ collectibles since it came out in 1991. Even my office now has a huge Belle poster on display. So as soon as the movie trailer for the new movie came up, I knew right away that that will be the theme for by daughter’s 1st birthday party.”

Guests stepped into a storybook entrance, a brilliant way to welcome them into an enchanted world!

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

Belle invited them all to be her guests and enjoy the sumptuous snacks prepared for them!

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

Here’s a closer look at the lavish dessert table…

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

“I had to book the venue, photographer, videographer, stylist and the performers 6 months in advance, but for the rest of the suppliers and the planning, it took me 2 months,” shared Dorothy, adding that the event stylist Saso Greenhouse Design Studio by Justine Arcega- Bumanlag.

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

Her little girl Sarah Elizabeth looked absolutely adorable in her mini-Belle ensemble!

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

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“The party was very fun! Both kids and adults had a wonderful time,” the proud mom shared, adding how she made sure the “feel” of the event would be a party and a show in one.

“So I hired a really good host, Shahein Abraham, as well as Disney Princesses from Clowning Around and a Magician named Ricci Gonzales. Everyone said they enjoyed the party very much,” gushed Dorothy.

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

As for moms who want to throw an unforgettable bash like Sarah’s 1st birthday, Dorothy’s advice is to first do their research.

“Research on the internet, in Pinterest and in different blogs and articles about the various themes and items you can use for your kiddie party,” she said. “Be bold and creative in choosing your theme. The more unique, the better.”

She also stressed the importance of using social media and your own circle of friends to know more about the best suppliers.

“You will be surprised to discover that there are really good party suppliers with very mommy-friendly prices here in the Philippines,” marveled the creative mom.

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

As for those items unavailable in the market, she suggests thinking of creative ways to work around it, to get what you want.

“One good example are our Lumiere, Chip and Mrs. Potts table centerpieces. Since we couldn’t find figurines or toys in the malls, we created our own characters,” she shared. “Our stylist drew the face of Mrs. Potts on a plain white tea pot, the face of Chip on a cup and the face of Lumiere on a candle.”

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

She also believes that when it comes to collaborative party planning, specificity is key.

“Be very specific with your suppliers, your stylist, invitation makers, cake and pastries suppliers, et cetera,” she went on. “As to the design and the look you want for the party, if you can send them drawings and pictures, the better.”

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

Amazingly, she didn’t need to hire an events organizer, choosing to do all the planning and sourcing herself.

She believes it’s important for moms to set a budget, noting specific areas where you can afford to splurge.

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

“Set your budget, and choose the items and suppliers where you want to splurge on and you want to scrimp on. Like in our party for example, the prizes were bought in divisoria. For the kiddie salon, I just bought the accessories, crowns and paint in divisoria, and my friends were the ones who did the hair styling and face painting for the kids,” she revealed. “For our food carts (fish balls, hot dogs, french fries), we were the ones who bought the items, and our household help were the ones who cooked and served them. For party items that you can do-it-yourself (DIY) … do it.”

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

“Lastly, do not be limited by the usual styling cliché in kiddie parties,” she emphasized, adding how you should be open to new ideas. “Initially, when my stylist proposed that the entrance for our party venue was a huge book, at first I wasn’t excited with the idea. But it turned out really nice, and everyone liked the concept.”

photo courtesy of Dorothy Bagting

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