Being in a happy relationship makes you less attracted to others, says study

Being in a happy relationship makes you less attracted to others, says study

New research has found that satisfaction in your relationship with your partner or spouse reprograms you to finding other men or women less appealing

Having eyes only for your spouse means you’re not easily distracted because everyone else becomes plain unattractive. A study, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, took a closer look at this phenomenon

Spearheaded by Rutgers University, the study involved 54 heterosexual adults—later divided into those who are single and in relationships.

Those who had significant others were interviewed, with questions aimed at determining their level of relationship satisfaction.

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photo: Pexels

The two groups, both single and in relationships, were then presented with photos of people who were single and looking.

Then, they were informed that they were going to work on a project with the people in the images.

But these people didn’t really exist…

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What researchers kept a secret, however, was that these people were created using a special photo generating software based on what researchers know people find most attractive—such as, a certain skin tone and facial symmetry.

photo: Pexels

photo: Pexels

The study’s subjects were then asked to rate the attractiveness of their potential project partners. The single people found them most attractive than the ones who were already in relationships. Furthermore, those who said early on that they’re truly happy with the one they’re with, didn’t find any of the people in the photo attractive at all.

photo: Pexels

photo: Pexels

Though this bit of research had a few participants, you don’t really need a large group of people to reaffirm this universal truth: being truly happy and content means you’re not looking for more, even if it is subconsciously.

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