What is the best age gap between kids?

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So you’re thinking of growing your family, but you don’t know how long you should wait. Should you wait a while so you can rest a little before taking care of another baby? Or should you have your kids back to back so your kids will be at similar stages as they grow up?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other—they all have their benefits and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons to each interval, from BabyCenter and Parenting.

1-2 year age gap

best age gap between kids

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  • Research has found that kids younger than 2 years old have an easier time adjusting to new siblings, probably because they’re not as aware to get so insecure of new arrivals.
  • Kids of similar ages will never want for a playmate—they often have the same friends and play with the same toys.
  • Raising two babies at once is so demanding that it unifies the family. Dads have little choice but to step in.
  • Having kids close together gets the messy, noisy, and tiring infancy period over and done with in one go.


  • When your new baby arrives, your older child might still not yet be sleeping through the night, so you’ll have to adjust to two young children with different needs and sleep patterns.
  • Closely-aged kids fight a lot.
  • Paying for childcare for two young children at the same time may be hard on your budget.

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