What are the best types of toys to give your toddler?

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If you still don't have any idea of what types of toys are best for your toddler's development, don't fret! We're here to help you out!

These days, a lot of parents spend time making sure that their little one grows up not just healthy, but also smart. That's why it's important for moms and dads to also make sure that the toys they give their children are going to contribute to their growth and development so that they can learn while they're playing.

Here are the best types of toys to give your toddler:

1. Nesting cups or boxes

Nesting cups or boxes are usually plastic cups or boxes of different sizes that fit into one another, "nesting" basically. This helps your child's dexterity and also acts like a puzzle of sorts since they have to figure out the proper order to the cups in order to make them fit together.

2. Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks, especially those with letters not only help your child's dexterity, but you can also use those blocks to teach your child different letters, shapes, etc. Toddlers also love stacking them, so it engages their creativity.

3. Simple musical instruments

Simple musical instruments such as toy tambourines, drums, or maracas help engage your child's creativity. You can try playing a musical pattern on the instruments, and let your little one imitate what you're doing.

4. Rubber ducky

Having a rubber ducky during bath time makes your toddler more excited to bathe. Rubber duckies also make a fun sound, so your little one will look forward to bathing if you give them a rubber ducky to play with!

5. Dolls or stuffed animals

Dolls or stuffed animals are great for telling stories to your child. You can pretend that their dolls or stuffed animals are different characters so it makes storytime more fun! You can even let your little one create stories of their own.

6. A toy tricycle

For kids who are 2-3 years old, a toy tricycle is a good way of keeping them active while they're playing. Some kids don't like to run or walk around, but they do like riding on a tricycle. You can even go out with them while they ride their tricycle around the neighborhood. Just make sure to keep an eye on them, and check that there are no cars or other vehicles around that might hurt them.

7. Puzzles

Simple puzzles are great for your child's development. It helps engage the problem-solving parts of their brain at a young age and also keeps those parts minds active while they're playing

8. Toys that snap together

Building toys, such as Legos, are great for toddlers. You can buy the larger sized legos that are specifically designed to not be a choking hazard. These toys help engage their creativity and also encourages your child to build different things and to explore what they can do with the blocks.

Source: parents.com

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