Kris Aquino shares her requirements for Bimby's future girlfriend!

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As Bimby Aquino Yap will soon be celebrating his 11th birthday, Kris was asked if she was ready for her son to have a girlfriend. Check out her reply here!

Kris Aquino recently shared on Instagram that her son, Bimby Aquino Yap, is growing up so fast. And of course, some netizens asked if she was ready for Bimby to have a girlfriend.

And as usual, Kris had a cute and witty reply!

Bimby Aquino Yap is growing up!

In her Instagram post, Kris shared that her son Bimby, who's 10, is already taller than her. 

She wrote, "This was from our IG Live earlier... my 10 year old (he turns 11 in 1 month & 6 days) is so much taller than me (i’m 5’3 in my bare feet, Thank God for platform heels) and he is definitely so much more madaldal than me- kanino kaya nagmana???"


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And as usual, some netizens just couldn't resist asking if Kris is ready for Bimby to have a girlfriend. Kris said that she is, but she shared that she had a lot of conditions for Bimby's future girlfriend.

What are Kris' requirements for Bimby's girlfriend?

Kris shared, "We have a deal, I have to like her Mom & she has to be smart, studious, prayerful, and pretty."


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She capped her response with the hashtag #demanding. And indeed, it's totally normal for all moms to be very demanding and choosy when it comes to their children's relationships.

Of course, any mom would want her son to be cared for by someone whom she can trust and knows will care for her son well. And Kris Aquino, being the doting mom that she is, would definitely want only the best person for her son.

Do you agree moms? What do you think? Are you just like Kris when it comes to your children's relationships? Share your thoughts below!


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