Birthcontrol for breastfeeding mums

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The only type of pill that is suitable for breast feeding mums is the Mini.

Birth control for breastfeeding mom

The only type of birth control for breastfeeding mom is the mini.

birth control for breastfeeding mom

Should breastfeeding mother take birth control pills?

The only type of pill that is suitable for breastfeeding mums is the mini. The mini-pill or progesterone-only pill, differs from other birth control pills in the fact that it does not contain any oestrogen. Oestrogen stops breast milk production.

The mini is also the only birth control pill that has a long-term study available, meaning that babies who nursed while their mothers took this pill were followed into adolescence to determine any effect. None have been documented, although there have been concerns about exposing the new infant to unnecessary steroids.

The mini-pill has to be taken everyday with no breaks in between packs and at the same time everyday in order to be effective.

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