“Does your child have a birthday party every year?”

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Annual birthday parties: yay or nay?

Kids’ birthday parties can be a lot of fun, but can also be a great source of stress for parents—largely due to how demanding they are of your time and money. One ParentTown user asked the community about whether or not they hold a birthday bash for their kids every year:

birthday party every year

Most parents said that they held a big party for their children’s first birthday, but for ages 2-5, either scaled down to a small celebration at home or just opted for a nice cake and dinner.

One mom, however, realized that there wasn’t much point in holding a birthday party for the first birthday. “I realized that they wouldn’t remember what’s going on or how big the celebration is when they are just a year old,” Jorelle A. wrote. “Once he is old enough to know what is happening, then I will hold a bigger bash for him.”

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