"Does your child have a birthday party every year?"

"Does your child have a birthday party every year?"

Annual birthday parties: yay or nay?

Kids’ birthday parties can be a lot of fun, but can also be a great source of stress for parents—largely due to how demanding they are of your time and money. One theAsianparent Community user asked the community about whether or not they hold a birthday bash for their kids every year:

birthday party every year

Most parents said that they held a big party for their children’s first birthday, but for ages 2-5, either scaled down to a small celebration at home or just opted for a nice cake and dinner.

One mom, however, realized that there wasn’t much point in holding a birthday party for the first birthday. “I realized that they wouldn’t remember what’s going on or how big the celebration is when they are just a year old,” Jorelle A. wrote. “Once he is old enough to know what is happening, then I will hold a bigger bash for him.”

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Party every year

Some theAsianparent Community users shared that they did hold birthday parties for every year, but did change the scale of the celebration every year. “I did a big one for the 1st birthday,” wrote Samantha B. “For her 2nd and 5th birthday I did a small bash with just close family members. For my girl’s 6th birthday, I did a medium-sized one because she wanted to celebrate with her friends before she goes to primary school. I guess it really depends on your own preference.”

birthday party every year

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What’s the need?

A few mothers had never organized a party for their kids. “As a mommy of two, I never organized any parties for them,” Lokey E. responded. “You should know whether it’s a ‘need’ to organize such a party for them.”

While celebrating our little one’s milestones is definitely important and fulfilling, no parent should be pressured to hold a birthday party every year—or even at all! Ask your little one if they’d like a party. If she does, remember that you don’t have to go all out. If she doesn’t, shower her with attention on her special day, as parents, that’s all you really need to do.

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