Bottle sterilizers manufactured by Hanil Electronics and 3M Korea recalled

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According to reports, the ultraviolet baby bottle sterilizers being recalled were manufactured from August 2015 to June 2016.

Korean manufacturer Hanil Electronics and 3M Korea are voluntarily recalling their line of baby bottle sanitizers over fears of potentially-toxic filters used in the products.

The filters were processed with octylisothiazolinone, or OIT.

According to a Business Korea report, OIT is an antibacterial substance preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

The report said: “3M Korea conducted various experiments at the laboratory in the U.S. headquarters, which received certification from international authorities, such as EPA and ANSI, in order to determine the effects of its antibacterial filters on baby bottle sterilizers immediately after finding out the fact.

“As a result, the company found out that only a minute amount of antibacterial substances remained at baby bottles and it doesn’t have harmful effects on the body of all ages, but the two companies decided to voluntarily recall the products.”

The ultraviolet baby bottle sterilizers being recalled were manufactured from August 2015 to June 2016.

Their model numbers are as follows: HBS-900, HBS-2016, HBS-910HK and HBS-920MF. Also note that you can find the manufacturing dates on the label plate on the back side of the products.

Meanwhile, the refill filters for the baby bottle sterilizers, which were sold during the same period, will also be recalled.

These products can be returned or exchanged in the stores in which they were sold.

Learn how you can properly sterilize bottles on the next page

How to sterilize baby bottles

A baby’s body isn’t yet equipped with a sophisticated immune system the way adults do, that’s why it’s important to make sure that their bottles are clean and sterilized before use.

There are many methods to sterilize baby bottles and other feeding equipment, such as boiling and steaming. Pregnancy Birth Baby offers these tips:


  • Place clean bottles, teats, caps and utensils in a large saucepan on the back burner of the stove.
  • Add enough water to cover all the equipment, making sure there are no air bubbles.
  • Bring water to the boil, and boil rapidly for 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the stove and allow the water to cool down.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you handle the equipment, and disinfect the surface where you plan to make up the bottle.
  • Take the equipment from the saucepan and shake off any excess water.
  • If you are not using them straight away, put the lid and teat onto the bottle, and store in a clean container in the fridge.
  • Re-boil the bottle and other equipment if it is not used within 24 hours.


  • Make sure bottles, teats, caps and utensils are thoroughly clean before you begin.
  • Make sure that bottles and teats are placed with openings facing down in the sterilizer.
  • Follow instructions for adding water to the unit and turning it on.
  • Leave bottles in the sterilizer until they are needed.
  • If you are not using the bottles straight away, check instructions for how long you can leave them in the sterilizer before you have to re-sterilize them.

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