11-year-old boy mows lawns to buy gravestone for father he never met

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Brandon Bakke never met his biological father, but decided to pay tribute to his memory with this amazing gesture

Like many 11-year-olds, Brandon Bakke spent the summer mowing lawns to raise money. However, unlike most kids his age, Brandon didn’t spend his money on himself, but for a stranger’s gravestone—his father’s.

Brandon was adopted at birth by a family in Fargo, North Dakota. Last January, Brandon began to ask his adoptive family about his biological family, as ABC reports. He soon found out that his father had recently died, and because his family couldn’t afford to buy a monument, he was buried in an unmarked grave.

This broke Brandon’s heart.

“I felt like I should do this for him, and that he’d be proud of me”

“I don’t think anyone should go unknown,” Brandon told The Huffington Post. “I felt like I should do this for him, and that he’d be proud of me.”

Brandon had saved up $175 from mowing lawns and selling lemonade all summer. He had been planning on buying himself a hoverboard, but decided that he needed to buy his father a gravestone instead.

“I told him it would cost a lot more than that,” his mother Brandy said. “And he said, ‘Then, I’ll do what I have to do.’”

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