Braces for Crossbites

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Do you or your child have a crossbite? Do you need braces?

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Does your kid need braces?

Do you or your child have a crossbite? Do you need braces?

What is a cross-bite?

A cross-bite is when one or more lower teeth is in reverse bite.

Do I need braces?

Well you potentially could. However, you might also just need a removable retainer to correct your crossbite.

My child definitely has cross bite. When should he go for braces?

Early correction of crossbite is recommended. Crossbite should be corrected because it can:

Cause premature wear of the teeth.

Cause gum disease including bone loss.

Cause asymmetrical development of the jaws.

Cause dysfunctional chewing patterns.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment duration varies according to many factors. Depending on the treatment objectives and severity of the problems, it can range from a few months to two years or more.

How Much?

The cost of treatment will depend on how severe the problem is. It can range from $600-$1500 for a simple removable appliance or $4000-$6000 for full braces.


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