Beauty queen Shamcey Supsup gets real about breastfeeding struggles

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The new mom shared the challenges she encountered when she began her breastfeeding journey and what helped her overcome them.

New mom Shamcey Supsup is blooming beautifully into motherhood.

The Binibing Pilipinas Universe 2011 openly revealed her struggles while trying to breastfeed her baby girl, Nyke.

Aside from having difficulty soothing her baby, she also suffered physical pain and frustration at her poor milk supply.

On her 2nd and 3rd day after giving birth, Shamcey was just about to give up but she credits the support of her husband, Lloyd Lee, for giving her much needed encouragement to just keep at it.

Simply seeing little Nyke growing healthier each day, she shares, makes it all worth it.

The inspiring instagram post, shared with her 154,000 followers, has garnered more than 2,000 likes so far.

Read her caption in entirety below.

"Ive read that breastfeeding ain't easy, and the struggle was real. On my 2nd and 3rd day post partum, I was ready to quit. With the baby crying non stop, no milk supply yet, my sore breasts, no sleep and trying to recover from surgery, I felt helpless.

Grateful my husband was there to comfort me and encourage me that soon everything will be okay once the baby and I have established a good milk supply.

Glad I didnt quit. I still dont get enough sleep (2 hours straight is heaven), and I still feel pain when I move or twist, but seeing your baby grow healthier everyday, sure is worth all of it."

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