Breastfeeding reduces risk of breast cancer, arthritis and diabetes, studies say

Breastfeeding reduces risk of breast cancer, arthritis and diabetes, studies say

Researchers said that breastfeeding is supposedly something every lactating mother can do to prevent breast cancer.

Several studies were recently published that show breastfeeding has serious health benefits for mothers.

One study showed that breastfeeding was an effective way to lessen the chance of  developing a very aggressive type of breast cancer.

Another research study said the way breastfeeding activates certain glands and forces the breast to produce milk resets the woman’s metabolism.

This helped women reduce the risk of gestational diabetes becoming a long-term condition.

Supports earlier research

These findings support the results of an earlier study that breastfeeding can reduce the mother’s risk for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Type 2 diabetes and even rheumatoid arthritis!

Why do they say that breastfeeding can reduce so many health risks?

According to researchers, breasts are essentially undeveloped until they are used to breastfeed at some point in a woman’s life.

Just breastfeeding and lactating for a short period of time in a woman's life can reduce the risk of developing aggressive, malignant tumors. Women with undeveloped breasts are usually the prime candidates for this sort of cancer, since these attack undeveloped cells in the breasts, researchers added.

The study showed that breastfeeding, even for a short amount of time can make you more unlikely to develop certain aggressive tumors in your breasts by as much as 20%.

How does lactation help cure diabetes?

Doctors recommended breastfeeding for women who developed diabetes during pregnancy. Giving breastmilk to your child allegedly helps you improve your glucose sensitivity and insulin, jumpstart your metabolism and gets rid of excess fat.

Their study looked at 959 mothers who developed gestational diabetes. Twelve percent or 113 of those women had diabetes for the remainder of their life.

According to the findings, women who developed the disease were seven times more likely to develop diabetes later in life compared to women who did not get diabetes. Breastfeeding for at least ten months cut that risk by more than half.

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So how long have you been breastfeeding, mommies?

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