Broadway actor stands up for mom and her autistic child

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What happens when a child with autism reacts in distress in the middle of what's supposedly a family-friendly production isn't pretty-- because of the audience. Broadway actor Kelvin Moon Loh comes to his defense.

They play heroes onstage each day, but the impact is far greater when they turn out to be heroes in real life. Broadway actor Kelvin Moon Loh speaks out after an incident in a matinee staging of The King and I, when a child with autism reacted in distress to a particularly intense scene in the play. Read for yourself and join us in giving this man a standing ovation, not just to applaud his words and actions, but to stand with him.

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"The theater to me has always been a way to examine/dissect the human experience and present it back to ourselves. Today, something very real was happening in the seats and, yes, it interrupted the fantasy that was supposed to be this matinee but ultimately theater is created to bring people together, not just for entertainment, but to enhance our lives when we walk out the door again."

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