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Is it common for babies to develop bruising at the injection site a week after a Chicken Pox jab? Dr. Krishnamoorthy Niduvaje from National University Hospital (NUH) answers.

Is it common for babies to develop bruising at the injection site, a week after a Chicken Pox or DTaP jab? Is there a cause for concern, and is it common?

Bruises on babies

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DTaP vaccine can sometimes produce local swelling and redness at the site of injection especially if the injection is not deep enough (since it should be given intramuscularly).
Bruising at the injection site after chicken pox vaccination is extremely rare (the injection is usually given subcutaneously).

After such a local reaction, which happens in less than 5 per cent of vaccines, it may take a few weeks for it settle down. During this time occasionally there may be a slight bluish discolouration at the site.

There is no cause for concern as this almost always subsides without any specific treatment.

Bruising in Babies Question Answered by

Dr Krishnamoorthy Niduvaje

Associate Consultant

Department of Neonatology

Children’s Medical Institute

National University Hospital, Singapore

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