5 Effective methods of burping your baby

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Burp your baby safely and efficiently with these helpful tips

Burping helps ease discomfort by allowing excess air to escape from your baby's tummy, usually during or after a feeding. By releasing air, burping allows your baby to feed longer because there is more space in their tummies.

When do babies need to be burped? If you notice them squirming, pulling away, or crying, try burping them. A good practice would be to take burping breaks when switching between breasts or after your baby consumes 2 to 3 ounces via bottle. If your baby dozes off or stops being fussy, then hold off on burping.

The amount and frequency of burping varies with each baby. Babies who are breastfed don't need to be burped as much as babies who are fed through a bottle do. Why? This is because breastfed babies usually swallow less air during feeding. But again, each baby's burping needs varies, so watch your baby closely to determine this.

Here are 5 methods that can help you burp your baby efficiently and safely.

Upright burping

This method is one of the most common ways babies are burped. It's done by holding your baby in an upright position with their head supported by one hand, as your baby rests on your shoulder and chin.

1 5 Effective methods of burping your baby

Upright on lap

Another way to burp your baby is to hold them upright sitting on your lap, while leaning them slightly forward. Pat them lightly on their back while stroking them using circular motions.

2 5 Effective methods of burping your baby

Belly burping on lap

Another way to burp your bay is to place them on their belly on your lap with one hand under their chest for support. With one hand, stroke them circularly alternating with light pats to encourage burping.

3 5 Effective methods of burping your baby

Bending legs towards chest

If none of the aforementioned methods work, try burping your baby with his legs slightly bent towards his chest to stimulate burping.

4 5 Effective methods of burping your baby

Burping during and after feeding

Another method to make burping easier is to burp during and after the feed. Burping before feeding can also help put your baby at ease and make them less fussy.

5 5 Effective methods of burping your baby

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