Business ideas for beginners: Start a business with P1000!

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Got talent, creative ideas, and lots of patience but no funds? Don't worry. You can still be your own boss with these business ideas for beginners.

business ideas for beginners

As they say, start small but dream big. If you are one of those talented and inventive individuals hankering for independence and a rewarding project, check out these businesses you can start under P1000.

One or two ideas might just satisfy your entrepreneurial aspiration. Good luck!

businesses you can start under P1000

Image source: Ink Scribbler

1. Ink scribbling/Calligraphy 

Starting cost:  P300 to P500

“To make a business out of calligraphy, you really just have to start with a nib, holder and ink,” says calligrapher and designer Alexis Dianne Ventura of Ink Scribbler.

Spending only around P300 when she started calligraphy as a hobby four years ago, she eventually invested in other tools – better inks, a variety of nibs, books and classes. She says, however, that the biggest investment is time.

"It takes a lot of practice and patience to become better and to get your work out there, before clients will be confident enough to avail of your services,” shares Ventura, who did the wedding invitations of celebrity couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania.

To know more about calligraphy and the workshops you can take, visit Ink Scribbler.

businesses you can start under P1000

2. Face painting

Starting cost:  P900 to P1000

This sought-after activity at children’s parties and other festive gatherings initially requires water-based face paints, brushes, sponges and some water for rinsing your brushes. That’s according to world famous brand Snazaroo, makers of skin-friendly, non-toxic and washable paints.

Painting tips and design suggestions usually come with the paints. Tutorials and design ideas abound online too, so honing your craft should be a breeze.

As you progress, other tools and accessories that will come in handy are glitter gels, glitter dusts, stencils, a small towel and a mirror so that your model can see and admire your handiwork.

Snazaroo paints, kits and tools are available at The Oil Paint Store in Manila and at National Bookstore Glorietta 1 branch in Makati.

businesses you can start under P1000

3. Candy bouquet making

Starting cost:  P600 to P800

Aren’t chocolates, lollipops and other sweets much more special and endearing when they are all dressed and dolled up?  That’s basically what candy bouquets are.

You will need chocolates (or any candy), fancy paper/wrapper, tape, balloon/popsicle sticks (or recycled cardboard/containers to hold the sweets), glue, scissors and ribbons to make this cool and charming package which can be customized for any occasion.

Round chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher and Lindor Truffles can be attached to balloon sticks and embellished to look like flowers.   If you want a simpler arrangement, watch this Candy Bouquet Tutorial from You Tube’s Ksripriya Kanigolla.

Fill your cute creation with M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces or your preferred candy coated chocolate.

businesses you can start under P1000

4. Event hosting

Starting cost:  P300 to P500

The gift of gab, clothes suitable for any occasion, and transportation means are basically what you need for this gig.

Of course, being lively and engaging and knowing how to connect with the audience are always appreciated and will definitely earn you plus points.

Children’s parties of friends and relatives,as well as family get-togethers, are great opportunities to get one’s feet wet and gain experience as a host or an emcee.

businesses you can start under P1000

Beaded hemp cord bracelets with one charm each

5. Bracelet making

Starting cost:  P200 to P700

Those who dig arts and crafts know that there are heaps of materials, designs and ways to make decorative arm and wrist bands.  Loom bands and hemp cords are just two of the materials you can use.

Complementing them with colorful beads and cute charms will make your creations more unique and appealing.

Supplies needed for this business are affordable and widely available. At VC Trading in Farmers Plaza-Cubao, Quezon City, one pack of hemp string sells for less than P20, while a pack of beads costs less than P10.  Silver charms sell for P1 each.

At Toy Kingdom stores, complete loom bracelet-making sets cost P699.75 to P979.75 each.  Rainbow Loom refill packs, which come in a wide range of colors (bands only), cost P179.75 each.

Like with face painting, there is no shortage of resources (tutorials and sellers) online for bracelet making.  Two sites you can get tips and inspiration from are Tutorials By A and All Free Jewelry Making.

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