Your Secret’s Safe with Us: The Novelty of Shopping Online

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There’s no way your sex life will be boring after reading this! Now you don’t have to go on a midnight run or sneak around to avoid judging stares or your prying, gossipy mother-in-law

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to spice up your relationship when kids and responsibilities are added in the equation.

Don’t get me wrong—parenthood is a blessing and joy; so is working and going up the career ladder. Spending time with your partner, be it for sexy time or even just a date is the first thing to go. Spontaneity disappears, obligations get in the way, and your relationship just loses that… spark.

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Sound familiar?

Don’t lose heart. Whether you’re looking for some sexy little underthings or toys to spice things up, or protection just so there won’t be any surprises, the Internet has the answer for you!

buying condoms in philippines

Discreet and highly efficient, there are a lot of sites that come with a wide variety of choices and prices. After a few clicks, you’ve got a delivery on the way.

Here are the top 5 sexy finds that you can get when you shop online. And the best part? No one’s the wiser

1. Costumes and Lingerie

buying condoms in philippines

Live out your partner’s ultimate fantasy by wearing something extra sexy! Whether it’s a super skimpy nurse outfit, some body-hugging, barely-there lingerie that really makes that booty pop, or even an “adult” version of their favorite character (cosplay, anyone?), you can surprise them in bed with it while the kids are away, and gleefully watch their jaw drop (so will the costume, of course, but that’s another story).

2. “Massagers”

buying condoms in philippines

You know what I’m talking about—vibrators and dildos, of course! Online shops have a ton of them, and they even come in different colors, shapes, designs and packaging. Afraid your nosey mother-in-law may find it? Don’t worry! A lot of them look deceptively innocent— it’s your naughty little secret! Oh joy!

3. Toys

buying condoms in philippines

Channel your inner Christian Gray (or inner goddess—whichever floats your boat) and build your collection of toys to go along with your “role play”. Get a pair of furry handcuffs for that police look, a whip if you want to unleash that inner dominatrix, or even some edible stuff to make foreplay just as exciting! Online shops have a lot of these on hand, so go wild and order away!

(Hot tip: make sure to lock these up somewhere or store them far, far away from prying little hands or gossipy bags who want in on your secret!)

4. Lube

buying condoms in philippines

Nothing says fun like slippery, good ol’ lube! Whether you’re giving yourself some self-love, or getting busy with your partner, this is something you definitely want to keep in your drawer. Online shops don’t just have these—even groceries and local drugstores have them discreetly available for the taking. There are tons of brands and sizes to choose from— some even come with scents and flavors— so find one that fits the mood and buy it!

5. Condoms

One of the essentials in a healthy and active sex life, condoms come in a ton of shapes, sizes (and flavors) that make each experience as unique as can be! Check out Lazada and find one you like— or more, if you’re feeling adventurous —  that fits the mood. When buying condoms in Philippines, you can even go on a condom online shopping spree and save them for emergency sexy time!

buying condoms in philippines

There’s no way your sex life will be boring after this! Now you don’t have to go on a midnight run or sneak around to avoid judging stares or your prying, gossipy mother-in-law! With their discreet packaging and efficient service, your secret is safe.

Not sure how to get started? Check out Durex’s collection—from their extensive line of condoms to all sorts of goodies that will keep you and your partner busy (if you know what I mean.

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Diane Nicole Go