When buying used items for your baby is OK

When buying used items for your baby is OK

With the ever-changing economy, prices for items are subjected to constant fluctuation. This is why parents need to be even more careful with their spending habits and learn to be savvy when handling funds.

Parents should be very conscious on how they spend and what they spend their hard-earned money on. Frugality should be practiced in order for them to be able to save up for their child’s future. This is why a lot of parents have started opening up to the idea of purchasing used or secondhand baby items.

Since babies grow up quickly, it gets quite impractical to purchase something so expensive to only place it in storage after a few months.

However unlike newer items, secondhand things tend to be dirtier due to constant usage and amount of time it has been stored. So if you are open to using secondhand items for your child, it is essential that these items be properly sanitized. That way you can ensure your child will not get allergies from using that particular item.

Among the many baby items, here are some items can be used second hand:

Baby clothes

baby clothes

Since babies just grow so fast, most of their clothes are really just used for several times. If you are buying some second hand clothes or using hand-me-downs from friends or relatives, just wash them well with baby detergent. If the clothes have been stored too long and have collected a lot of dust, you can opt to wash them twice. But remember that baby clothes, especially those used by newborns, do not get too dirty. For stubborn stains, you can use mild bleach. There are some available in the market that are used for baby clothing.

Baby shoes

baby shoes

Most babies, especially infants, do not get to wear shoes for a long period of time. And since their feet grow so fast, they easily outgrow their shoes. Before letting your child wear the shoes, you can actually just dust or wipe the shoes since your baby will be wearing socks. If you are particular with cleanliness, you can wash it with mild detergent. Then leave it to air dry.



A playpen is not a necessity, but a lot of parents do like using a playpen in place of a crib or just as a place for their baby to play in.

But before getting a secondhand playpen, make sure to do your homework. The model of the playpen you buy should be one that was manufactured 2013 onwards as it was during this year that manufacturers and importers were required to test their playpens to ensure that these equipment would meet safety standards.

Before letting your baby use it, it is good to clean the whole thing. If you can hose it down with water and wash it with mild soap, that would be most advisable. Otherwise just use a damp cloth and some mild soap. Then wipe the soap off with a damp cloth mixed with some vinegar. Lastly wipe it with a dry cloth.

Cribs, Strollers and Car Seats


Some of the more costly items to purchase, cribs, strollers and car seats can be bought secondhand to save on costs. But because as these items are used quite often, it is essential to really inspect it thoroughly.

Make sure to test it over and over to see that all parts are still in good working condition. Check to see if all parts are working and make sure no part is loose.

But most importantly check for models that have been recalled. Should you not be able to check online, you may call up the manufacturer. That way you will know if you are getting a good buy.

With these short tips, you will definitely be able to save up on baby essentials. So what is on your to-buy list?

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