What can you do with your baby's placenta?

What can you do with your baby's placenta?

What can you do with baby's placenta (or inunan in Tagalog)? Here are 5 ways you can use or preserve baby's placenta after giving birth.

The placenta (or inunan in Tagalog) provided your growing child with the nutrients and oxygen until you gave birth, so it's definitely an amazing organ!

Back in the day, the placenta was usually just thrown out after giving birth, but these days, more and more moms are keeping their placentas, and for various reasons. Here are just some of the things that you can do with your baby's placenta:

1. You can eat it

Yup, you read that right. Some moms choose to take home their placenta and eat it either by putting it into pills, or mixing it into a placenta smoothie. A lot of mothers swear by the benefits of eating the placenta, saying that it helps them through post-partum depression, as well as gives them a boost of energy.

However, there isn't any scientific proof to whether or not eating the placenta has any positive effects, so take that with a grain of salt.

2. Wear it as jewelry

You can also place a piece of the placenta (or inunan in Tagalog) inside a pendant, a bracelet, or even made into earrings. It's an amazing way to remember your child's birth, and it's a constant reminder of the wonder of being a mom.

3. Use it as a salve

If you're not inclined to eat the placenta (trust us, most moms don't want to either), then you can turn it into a salve that some people say can help with cracked nipples, help heal c-section scars, and even perineal tears.

4. You can opt to plant it

If you don't want to eat your placenta, but think that it's too amazing to just throw away with hospital waste, then you can opt to plant or bury it instead. This has been done by different cultures throughout history, and is a symbol of a connection with the earth.

To commemorate your child's birth, you can even bury it alongside a tree that you can plant when your child gives birth. That way, your child can have a constant reminder of their growth, and a memory of your connection with your child.

5. Use it as a picture frame

There are some stores online that sell picture frames made from placenta. You can send them the placenta, and they'll send you an acrylic picture frame that you can use to display your baby's photos. It's a nice and beautiful reminder of your connection as mother and child.

How about you, mommy? What did you do with your baby's placenta?

Source: parents.com

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