How can we teach our kids to be more resilient in the face of adversity?

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Being resilient in the face of adversity is a skill that should be taught to kids, as it helps them cope better with problems and overcome their failures.

All parents want their kids to be happy. And for any mom or dad, seeing their kid get disappointed or sad because they failed at something, or didn't win first place in a competition that they worked so hard for, is one of the worst feelings that a parent can have.

However, failure is actually pretty important in life, since it helps you learn from your mistakes, and it also help a person develop the resilience to overcome any difficulties that they may encounter.

Resiliency is important, especially as an adult

A resilient child will grow up to become a strong adult. For kids, learning at a young age how to adapt to different situations and to make the best of what you have is important since it helps them become more flexible, and less prone to being too caught up whenever they hit a roadblock in your life.

It's inevitable that your child will experience setbacks and failure in their life, but the important thing would be for them to learn to bounce back and learn from their experience. Teaching your kids to treat failure not as a completely negative experience, but as a way for them to improve themselves by learning about what went wrong.

How can we go about teaching our kids about resiliency?

In all honesty, the answer is pretty simple. It's all about positive parenting. As a parent, your kids look to you to learn more about the world, and part of that would be teaching them how to deal with failure positively.

If they fail at something, parents should do their best to be supportive, and not to make their child feel completely responsible for their failure. If you start blaming your child, then you run the risk of making them have a fear of failure, which isn't a good thing to have.

Teach them to embrace mistakes, and to use their shortcomings as a way to help them be better people in the future. Learning to 'roll with the punches' is a good thing for your kids to always keep in mind, as it helps them become more emotionally stable, and less prone to being angry, frustrated, or even depressed whenever things don't go their way.

At the end of the day, kids need love, compassion, and understanding from their parents. Giving your kids just those three simple things would help a lot in terms of their development later on in life.


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