Car seat safety in the Philippines: Why it should be a priority for parents

Car seat safety in the Philippines: Why it should be a priority for parents

Your child's safety is always important, especially when you're traveling. Which is why whenever you're traveling in a car, a car seat is a top priority!

Sadly, for a lot of families in the Philippines, car seats aren't typically seen as important, or a necessity. However, child car seats, when used and installed properly, can help save your child's life in case of an unfortunate accident.

Which is why car seats should be a top priority for parents.

Are they even necessary?

Car seats for children tend to be on the more expensive side of things, and for the practical Filipino, it can sometimes be just an afterthought. However, you need to keep in mind that you can never put a price on your child's safety, and the risk of your child getting hurt in an accident severely outweighs any money that you might save if you don't buy a child safety seat.

Even for older kids, child safety seats are absolutely necessary. So long as your child can't reach the floor of the car with their legs, it's important for them to always be placed in a car seat, as the regular seatbelts aren't designed for their small stature. There are even some cases wherein using a seatbelt cause further injury to a child.

Which one should you buy?

Now that you've made the right decision to buy a car seat, which one should you buy?

For younger children who still can't seat upright, a rear-facing car seat is most recommended. Rear-facing car seats keep them safer, and are specifically designed for use by young kids.

As always, make sure to follow the instructions, and NEVER place it in the front seat. Car seats should always be placed in the back seat, and preferably with an adult accompanying them. Kids should never sit in front as it provides a very huge risk to their safety.

For older kids who can sit up straight, a forward-facing car seat is recommended.

Sometimes, for practical reasons, you can opt to buy a car seat that can be converted to a stroller. This is a good idea if you travel a lot, as you won't need to bring a separate car seat and a stroller. It's also good if you don't own a car, as it's less stuff to bring with you if you're riding a taxi, or going on an uber or grab.

The price varies depending on the quality of the material and the build, but don't be tempted to cheap out and buy the cheapest and flimsiest one. Look for a car seat that has all of the necessary certifications, and try to prioritize comfort, ergonomics, and how it will fit in your car.

You don't need to buy the most expensive one, just look for one that suits your needs perfectly.

As always, follow the instructions to a tee, and read the manual to learn all the features of the car seat that you purchased.

Always drive safe

Of course, having a car seat doesn't mean that you can just drive around willy nilly. Driving safely is always the best practice when it comes to keeping your family safe.

Preventing any accidents and mishaps from happening should always be important, so if you have your family with you, be extra careful, and drive defensively. Just ignore that guy who cut you on the road, it's a small price to pay to ensure that your family is safe.


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