Caring for your C-Section wound

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If you recently had a C-section, here is how you should care for your wound.

How to take care of c section wound?

how to take care of c section wound

C-section wound

The rate of C-section births in Singapore is among the highest in the world at 30 per cent. If you recently had a C-section, here is how you should care for your wound.

1) You can hold an ice pack to your incision during the first day to reduce swelling.

2) Stay in bed for 12 to 18 hours before trying to sit up or stand.

3) Keep your dressing dry for the first few days, but you can bathe.

4) After your dressing is removed (around a week later), you can use an abdominal binder ti help support the abdominal wall muscles when walking. This will help reduce the pain.

5) Don’t apply any creams or ointments to the incision until your doctor says it’s fully healed, usually about six weeks after surgery.

6) In Singapore most hospitals use dissolvable sutures, but at times you may be asked to return after a week to remove the non dissolvable ones.

7) Breastfeeding can be started anytime after delivery.

Things to Avoid

1) Don’t drive in the first two weeks.

2) No heavy lifting of objects.

3) No swimming. Take it easy on the stairs.

4) No sexual intercourse or tampons, until you see the Doctor for your first postpartum appointment.

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