4 Celebrity first-time moms share how they are getting back to their pre-pregnancy weight

4 Celebrity first-time moms share how they are getting back to their pre-pregnancy weight

Be inspired by these new celebrity moms who are opening up about weight loss journey, which many moms can relate to!

New moms know that the road to getting back to one's pre-pregnancy weight is more of a marathon than a race. But pressure is unavoidable, especially with many celebs heralding how they got their pre-motherhood body back in a flash.

But more and more celebrities are owning up to the struggles of slimming down after giving birth, inspiring their fellow moms to just stick with it and to embrace the process.

1. Isabel Oli

The new mom, who gave birth to her first daughter on April 18, 2016, shared her weight loss experience on her blog.

"I knew it’s part of what we have to go through as moms. What I did not realize though and this certainly caught me unprepared, was the fact that losing these pounds is DIFFICULT," she wrote, adding that getting back to her workout routines have been made more difficult by her nearly year-long hiatus from showbiz.

2. Michaela Cazzola

The partner of James Yap gave birth to their first child, Michael James, on August 8, 2016--which was barely 2 months ago (as of this writing).

In a recent selfie, she revealed that she's fond of wearing a waist corset to get her previous shape back, until she's ready to start working out again.

Can't wait to work out again ???????? In the meantime, thank you, Carla ???????????? @slimmingcorsetsph

A photo posted by Mic (@michelacazzola) on

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3. Beauty Gonzalez

In an interview with Magandang Buhay last May 2016, the new mom opened up about the struggles she had to overcome during labor and after giving birth.

"Yung difference ng body mo talagang nakaka-oh my God. And she was so big, she was like 8.3 pounds, that's why I had a Cesarean," she said in the interview.

She credits being a hands-on mom as one her fitness secrets.

"Siyempre, I’m very hands on with my child and in the house so anything regarding my kid," recounts Beauty. "Yung puyat, pa-dede, lahat so nakakapayat din siguro, di ba? And we always travel, and I only travel with my partner and the baby walang yaya so nakakapayat din talaga."

Aside from caring for her baby, she also watches what she eats; her diet is mostly made up of green, leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, and tofu.

4. Iya Villania

The new mom kept working out throughout her pregnancy and she planned to continue her fitness regimen after her son was born.

Her labor kit, she shared on social media, consisted of a gym ball, mini-core ball, and jungle gym. She's also taken to wearing waist trainers.

"The next project is to get my waist back to its pre-pregnancy size [or close to it, at least]," she shared on Instagram. "So I have 2 waist trainers to help me hold everything together after all the rearranging of guts and road widening of hips."

When he's supposed to be asleep but is wide awake!!! ???????? Happy Sunday, guys!!! #PrimoLove #Bubby

A photo posted by Iya Villania-Arellano (@iyavillania) on

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