Celebrities and families campaign against the 'R' word

Stop using the 'R' word now and let's create a better world for everyone!

Celebrities have joined the fight against the use of hurtful and degrading words like "retarded," "abnoy" and "mongoloid."

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In a 1-minute video uploaded on YouTube, the likes of Kim Atienza, TJ Manotoc, Matteo Guidicelli, and Daphne Oseña-Paez explain that these words should not be used. Even using these words as a joke should no longer be tolerated.

Watch the Filipino version of the video below. There is also an English version.

Instead, they encourage us to respect, understand, accept and love others, especially those who are different.

In a powerful climactic moment, the celebrities tear these labels to pieces, as featured individuals with special needs and their loved ones hold up sheets of paper with what we should be calling them instead - their names.

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The video by Best Buddies Philippines then goes on to show families and individuals who will greatly benefit from a society that does not look down on people who look, speak or think differently. Let us work together to create a better and more inclusive world!

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