WATCH: Cute celebrity baby moments that will make you smile!

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Let these aww-worthy celeb baby clips help you start the week with good vibes!

1. Scarlet Snow discovering her mom's lipstick!

"Oh no!!! @scarletsnowbelo has discovered my lipstick and is playing with it," wrote Scarlet's mom Vicki on instagram. "She definitely looks better without makeup." We agree! But this is just too cute, we'd love to see her raid her mom's beauty kit again!

Oh no!!! @scarletsnowbelo has discovered my lipstick and is playing with it. She definitely looks better without makeup.

A post shared by Vicki Belo, M.D. (@victoria_belo) on

2. Baby Olivia adorably interrupting her mom's make-up vlog to make it more challenging!

Baby O made mom Andi Manzano's 5-minute make-up tutorial so funny by bugging her all the way to the end! We're sure many moms can relate!

3. Primo Arellano's "first documented giggle"

Daddy Drew shared this gem a few months back, but we still can't help but giggle along with the pinch-worthy Primo!

First documented GIGGLE. Made my month. ??? @antonioprimoarellano

A post shared by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

4. Baby Seve making the cutest "asim" face after trying a lemon for the first time!

Doting tita Alex Gonzaga managed to capture the gigil-worthy moment on instagram, and for that we will forever be grateful!

When life gives you lemon, eat it! (Wait for the last part.. Gigil!!!) @severianoelliott ?

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

5. Baby Zia proving she is the princess of the dance floor in Italy!

The pretty little tot attended the wedding of her mom' Marian Rivera and dad Dingdong Dantes' good friend stylist Pam Quinones in Italy and she was truly the life of the party.

Baby Zia dancing! by dongyanatics

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