LOOK: 8 Cute and helpful celebrity kids doing chores

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These adorable celebrity kids doing chores are great examples of the importance of being helpful around the house!

Chores not only help build character, they also train your kids to be more responsible and diligent. That's why many parents---including celebrity parents---believe that teaching their kids to help around the house is an integral part of raising them well.

Though we assume that celebrities have it easy, with household helpers waiting on them 24/7, it seems that more and more of them have taken a more simpler approach to raising helpful kids; this includes teaching them household chores at a young age.

Actress Judy Ann Santos and Host Ryan Agoncillo are some of them. It seems that Yohan and Lucho are taking after their mom Juday when it comes to culinary skills!

Their only son Lucho just recently learned how to grill fish he caught himself!

Nangisda, nag ihaw, excited ng kumain! ???? #storiesforlucho #bakawan

A photo posted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo (@officialjuday) on

And his Ate Yohan also learned how to make meatloaf!

Ate making her very first meatloaf! #sundaysbest #goodvibes

A photo posted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo (@officialjuday) on

The kids of Danica Sotto and PBA Player Marc Pingris also know a thing or two about cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Happy Sunday!! Fresh Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies from my little chefs! ????????????

A video posted by Danica Sotto-Pingris (@danicaspingris) on

"Happy Sunday!! Fresh Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies from my little chefs!" wrote the proud mom on Instagram.

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Bettina Carlos' 5-year-old daughter Gummy is a chef in the making! She knows how to bake and sauté!

What to do when its rainy???? Kitchperiment!!!! ❤❤❤ whos excited? Clearly this one!???? #gummybites

A photo posted by Bettinna Carlos (@abettinnacarlos) on

Baking is a great bonding activity for Beauty Queen Priscilla Mereilles and her little princess Anechka

Earlier it was a Halloween cupcake baking and decorating kind of day for "Elsa" and "Cinderella". ????????#halloween2016 #anechkaat4

A photo posted by Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada (@primeirelles) on

7-year-old child star Jana Agoncillo, who won our hearts as ABS-CBN's Ningning, is just as lovable in real life. Here she is washing dishes for the first time---with a big smile!

first time to wash the dishes :-) I'm...enjoying it :-)

A video posted by Jana Casandra Agoncillo (@jana_agoncillo) on

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Mom Camille Prats trains her son Nathan in cleaning up after himself with the help of a "chore chart".

Mom Chesca Kramer values the "sense of fulfillment" derived from doing chores. She also teaches her eldest how to help around the house with the help of a "chore chart".

"With parenting our kids, we try not to be square so we inject play in the chore they do," wrote the mom-of-three on Instagram. "For instance in the playroom when I ask them to pack away, the rule is the one who puts away the most toys wins. It gives them a sense of awareness where everything is placed, they learn how to help each other, and its still fun because its just like play."

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