7 Celebrity kids who are carbon copies of their gorgeous moms

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These adorable celebrity kids will make you do a double take because they're like copy-paste versions of their beautiful moms!

Donna Cruz and Belle

Donna Cruz’ daughter, 17-year-old Isabella Adriana, with husband Yong Larrazabal recently caused a stir online as many of Donna’s fan’s couldn’t deny the resemblance between her and her daughter, who’s growing up to look just like her during her heyday as one of the most popular teen stars of the 90s.

Belle, as she is fondly called, is a born and bred Cebuana who is the eldest of three kids. She has two younger brothers: Cian, 14 and Gio, 10.

photos: Donna Cruz instagram

Aiko Melendez and Marthena

Single mom Aiko Melendez’ unica hija Marthena certainly takes after her! Not only does she look like her mom, it seems that the tween also inherited her mom’s acting skills! She recently entertained netizens with her impression of one scene from the popular series, Wildflower, where her mom Aiko plays the lead antagonist’s role. They even have the same infectious smile and bubbly personality!

photo: Aiko Melendez instagram account


Sunshine Cruz and Angelina

The eldest daughter of Sunshine Cruz with ex-husband Cesar Montano is slowly making a name for her in showbiz. More than just good looks, she obviously inherited her mom’s charm!

photo: Sunshine Cruz instagram

Carmina Villaroel and Cassy

16-year-old Cassy may have a twin brother, but she and her mom Carmina could easily pass for twins, too!

photos: Carmina Villaroel instagram and youtube (screenshot)

Jaclyn Jose and Andi

Looking at Andi Eigenmann is almost like seeing photos of her mom veteran actress Jaclyn Jose when she was starting out in showbiz.

photo: google and Andi Eigenmann instagram

Even at 53, Jaclyn is just as stunning as her 26-year-old not-so-‘mini me’.

photo: Mindanao insider Facebook page

Sharon Cuneta and KC

The 31-year old actress/model truly inherited her megastar mom’s beauty and charm!

photo: KC Concepcion instagram

Lucy Torres and Juliana

Even snapchat filters can’t change just how much 17-year-old Juliana takes after her congresswoman mom’s classic beauty and elegance.

photos: Juliana Gomez and Lucy Torres instagram

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