Celebrity wives Marian, Chynna, and Iya share their husbands' irritating and loving traits, proving that they are just like us

Celebrity wives Marian, Chynna, and Iya share their husbands' irritating and loving traits, proving that they are just like us

When the cameras and lights go off, it's back to reality for these celebrity couples. Find out what irritable traits irk these celebrity wives, and what adorable traits make them fall for their husbands all over again.

They are three of the hottest moms in showbiz these days, but these celebrity moms have to deal with the same marital issues many of us do.

In a game of "Never Have I", Marian Rivera, Chynna Ortaleza, and Iya Villania revealed details about their husbands that only a wife would know.

The three had loads of fun spilling the beans during Marian's morning show Yan ang Morning, where they each had to reveal something about their better halves, Dingdong Dantes, Kean Cipriano, and Drew Arellano.

The game required the three to raise a card bearing their husband's faces if the situation cited applied to them.


Only Marian raised her Dingdong card when the ladies were asked if their husbands had a temper, but quickly said that Dingdong also loves so sweetly.

“Si Dong ang taong walang masamang tinapay sa kanya. Lahat ng tao nang makilala siya, lahat ng kaibigan sinasabi nila, mabait talaga si Dong, so totoo talaga. Kapag ang tao mabait, nakakatakot talaga magalit.”

("Dingdong is the kind of person who doesn't have a bad bone in his body. Everyone who knows him, all his friends, will say that he is kind. He really is. But when a person is kind, they are scary when they get angry.)"

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Helping around the house

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Iya and Marian both admitted that their husbands cannot be relied on to do the dishes.

Iya shared that she and Drew have no helper at home, so it angers her when Drew leaves dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

“Galit ako kasi wala naman kami[ng] kasama sa bahay. So kung di siya maghugas ng pinggan e di sino pa nga ba? (I get angry because we don't have any househelp. So when he doesn't wash the dishes,o who else will?)", Iya said.

Iya is six months pregnant with their first child, a baby boy.

Marian, too, had to deal with the same problem during the earlier part of her marriage with Dingdong--until she learned to let it go.

“Noong araw kasi, sabi niya sakin, masipag kasi siyang anak. Siya madalas naghuhugas ng pinggan sa kanila," Marian said of Dingdong.

("He told me that he was very industrious as a child. He would always do the dishes in their family home.")

"So ngayon, this time sabi niya, ayaw na daw niya yun.”

(So this time, he doesn't want to do it anymore.")

Chynna, for her part, can't complain about hubby Kean's dishwashing habits.

She did, however, remind him to fulfill his promise of cooking tinola for her.

"Sana, Kean, yung pangako mo sa 'king tinola, dumating na." (I wish the tinola you promised me will make an appearance soon)," Chynna, who will give birth to their first child next month, said. Chynna is expecting a baby girl.

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Telling lies

Like most wives, the three celebrities can also tell when their husbands are lying. Call it women's intuition.

Chynna shared how friendship is important for a wife to tell when her husband is lying.

According to her, because she and Kean are best friends, he can't hide anything from her.

Iya, on the other hand, verbalized how much she appreciates Drew's honesty.

"He tells me everything, he tells me the truth. He will tell me when my cooking is too salty," Iya said in the vernacular.

Marian shared how Dingdong would reassure her that she was sexy throughout her pregnancy.

"Ano ka ba, ang sexy mo. (You are sexy)", Marian said, adding, "Kahit hindi naman (Even though I wasn't.)"

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