We love #CelluliteSaturday, the newest body positive hashtag that is taking social media by storm

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This new hashtag is for every woman who has every felt ashamed of her body for having cellulite

We’ve seen a fair share of unhealthy social media trends concerning body image over the last few years. Thankfully, the body positive movement is making efforts to counter the negative effects of destructive trends like the glorification of the thigh gap and, more recently, the ab crack.

Canadian body positive activist and vlogger Kenzie Brenna created the hashtag #CelluliteSaturday to show women that there isn’t any shame in having cellulite. And why should there be?

Cellulite, after all, is perfectly normal. According to Self, 93% of women have cellulite, and it’s usually genetic. Even supermodels have cellulite. But we’re so used to seeing photoshopped and airbrushed images of women that cellulite has become a source of shame.

“I may be uncomfortable with it, but it’s here and I’m going to try as best as I can to accept it”

GOOD MORNINGGGG ✨☀️🌎 So, today is #cellulitesaturday 💆💜 Let's talk stats ok? These are pretty wild to me. 42% of girls in grade 1-3 want to be thinner 💔 78 fucking % of 17 year old girls are unhappy with their bodies 💔 "Teenage girls are more afraid of gaining weight then getting cancer, losing their parents or nuclear war." 😖😖😖 In 2013 the American Medical Association created a policy that really didn't go anywhere, stating that the effects of digitally altering images to impressionable youth were so harmful they cause HEALTH PROBLEMS. I'm not fucking making this shit up people. And did it do anything? Nope. That's why offering up my #realbody, unedited, unfiltered for you to look at, for trolls to rip apart, is important because we have LITERALLY FORGOTTEN WHAT REAL BODIES LOOK LIKE. To quote WIKIPEDIA "cellulite occurs in 80-90% of women, the prevailing medical condition is that it's 'merely the normal condition of many women.'" 👏NORMAL. It's fucking NORMAL.👏 With stats above it drives me so hard so that way my future daughters and sons grow up with more real images of bodies around them than I did. To pray their mental and physical health isn't as affected as mine was. #fuckyeahhhhh #thisbody #celluliteisokay #bodyconfidence #nobodyshame #recovery #bodyimage #bodyimageissues #cellulite

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“I don’t see a lot of girls embracing their cellulite, which I know so many of us have,” Brenna, 26, told Self. “I thought [#CelluliteSaturday] might be a cute little slogan to put on a picture of me showing that I have cellulite.

“Coming from a woman who goes to the gym five days out of the week and who eats a balanced diet, I still have cellulite and that’s something I want to show people. I may be uncomfortable with it, but it’s here and I’m going to try as best as I can to accept it.”

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