LOOK: Cherie Gil's handsome son is in town!

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The handsome son of Cherie Gil with her ex-husband Roni Rogoff is currently in Manila!

Unlike her iconic line in the classic film Bituing Walang Ningning, there's nothing second-rate about Cherie Gil as a mom.

Her son Raphael is currently in Manila to spend some quality time with his beloved mom. The sweet teenage even took Cherie out for a mother-son date at her favorite restaurant, Antonio's, in Tagaytay.

And His feet touches the ground while he holds me safe and loved ❤️@raphrogoff @antoniostagaytay

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"I'm one lucky mama! With my (Raph Rogoff) at Antonio's one of our fave happy places," she wrote on Instagram.

I'm one lucky mama ! With my @raphrogoff @antoniostagaytay one of our fave happy places. #momandson

A photo posted by Ms Cherie Gil (@macherieamour) on

Pride is not the word I'm looking for #tbt

A photo posted by Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff (@raphrogoff) on

Raphael grew up in Israel with his dad Roni and sister Bianca.

The dashing, artistahin Raph is currently a freshman at New York University.


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Though Cherie and Roni's 20-year marriage ended nearly 10 years ago, the two have remained close.

In an interview with ABS-CBN's Showbiz Inside Report in 2013, 5 years after their separation, Cherie opened up about how meeting Rony was the best thing to happen in her life.

Awesome day spent with the fam for my wonderful mothers birthday! @macherieamour ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff (@raphrogoff) on

Though their marriage ended amicably, Cherie admitted there was a period of "bitterness" following it.

"That's not easy (distance), and of course in the beginning, it was a lot of struggle with the bitterness that had happened at that time in my life. But I'm not there anymore," she said in the same interview, adding that their close relationship helps them co-parent their two kids.

"We're really good friends. In fact, we're better friends," she said.

@raphrogoff @bianca.rogoff missing you mucho #phuketthailand #funtimes #happiness

A photo posted by Ms Cherie Gil (@macherieamour) on

Cherie also remains close to her daughter Bianca, who is now 20 years old.

And here we are again 12 years later in Phuket Thailand #happines @bianca.rogoff @raphrogoff

A photo posted by Ms Cherie Gil (@macherieamour) on

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