15-year-old child bride in Turkey dies after giving birth

15-year-old child bride in Turkey dies after giving birth

She gave birth to her baby in their village, but she then complained of nausea, vomiting and headache. She died two days later.

Most teenage girls spend their days just hanging out with their friends, going to sleepovers, and just doing everything that a regular teenager does. But for this teenage girl from Turkey, she grew up too fast.

She was barely a teenager

Derya B, a child bride from Turkey, got married when she was only 14-years-old, barely a teenager. She got pregnant soon after and gave birth when she was 15-years-old, but sadly, she died later due to complications from childbirth.

She gave birth to her baby in their village, but she then complained of nausea, vomiting and headache. She was admitted to a private hospital where she was admitted to the ICU. She died two days later.

Her death was apparently caused by a brain hemorrhage, which was believed to have been related to her going into labor at a very young age.

“It is dangerous for a child bride to get pregnant”

According to Gynecology expert Professor Aydan Biri said, "It is dangerous for a child bride to get pregnant."

She adds, "The risks of high blood pressure, early birth or an intervention in the birth are higher. The pregnancies of children who have not completed their physical development and whose organs have not yet completely developed often end in death."

Child brides are common among developing countries. Statistics say that one-third of girls in these countries, aside from China, are married before 18. One in nine of these girls get married before their 15th birthday, according to the UN.

In Turkey, the minimum marrying age is 17 years old, but with court approval, it can happen for girls as young as 16.

Ending child marriage

Ending child marriage would create a huge and positive impact among girls and young women all over the world. It will help change their lives and give them a chance to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Girlsnotbrides.org shares a few steps that we can take in order to help end child marriage:

  • Empower women and girls - It's very important to empower women and young girls by giving them the knowledge and skills that are needed for them to support themselves and make them feel that they can be more than just a child bride.
  • Mobilize communities and families - Talking to communities and families to help end child marriage is also important. When entire communities move towards ending child marriage, it's much more effective.
  • Change people's attitudes towards child brides - For some people, child marriage is connected to their culture or religion. While there isn't anything inherently wrong with them trying to preserve their culture, child brides have a negative impact on women and children. This is why it's important to teach them the implications of child marriage.
  • Educate men and boys - In most communities, men and boys are the decision makers as well as the ones who hold power. It's important to teach them the importance of having a community wherein women are given the chance to live up to their full potential.
  • Teach young people to be advocates of change - Connecting with youth groups as well as youth group leaders is important when it comes to enacting change. So it's best to involve the youth in the fight to end child marriage.

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