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4-year-old dies after suffocating inside parked car in Davao

Less than a month after the tragic incident that happened in Manila, another child has suffocated inside a car, this time in Davao.

In the wake of the tragedy that happened in Manila wherein an 8-year-old girl suffocated inside a car, another child, this time a 4-year-old girl from Davao, has sadly met the same fate.

She got locked inside the car

Tricia Mae Silay was declared dead on arrival when she was brought to the Davao Adventist Hospital after she was found unconscious in the back seat of a parked car near a school.

Her mother, a security guard, shares that she brought Tricia to the school where she was working since there would be no one at home to take care of her daughter.

According to PO2 Jim Guelas, Tricia went inside the parked car which was left open by the owner, and she got locked inside. That's when she suffocated to death.

Tricia's cause of death was ruled as cerebral hypoxia, a condition that's caused by lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

The car's owner, who requested to remain anonymous, promised to help the victim's family.

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Keep an eye on your kids, and never leave them alone inside a car

This tragic news just highlights the importance of always keeping an eye on your kids, most especially younger children. In a related story that happened earlier this year, an 8-year-old girl from Manila has suffocated to death because she was left behind, sleeping inside a parked car.

These incidents show how dangerous it is to leaving your child alone inside a car, as they can easily suffocate, and younger kids might not be able to open the doors in order to escape.

That's why you should never ever leave your children alone inside a car, even just for a moment. The risk that they might suffocate, suffer a heat stroke, or even carbon monoxide poisoning is too great. It's better to just take your child with you, or ask a close friend or a relative to take care of your child while you're out.

Hopefully, parents will be more aware of their surroundings, as well as their children so that in the future, these types of incidents won't happen again.


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