Child trapped inside car after road accident

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In the video, you can hear the child trapped inside the car, panicking and calling out to her parents who were also inside the vehicle during the accident.

Marvin Aragones, a photographer, posted the dashcam video of the accident that he and his family were involved in. In the video, you can hear a child trapped in the car right after the accident, calling out to her parents.

Why was the child trapped inside the car?

On the dashcam footage, the car was driving down the highway, when suddenly another car hits them forcefully from behind. The impact was so strong that the car flipped over on its side, leaving the family struggling to break free since they got trapped inside the vehicle.

According to some of the comments on the video, the accident happened because of a truck that allegedly wasn’t driving in the correct lane.

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Some netizens believe that the truck was responsible for the accident that happened.
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Thankfully, the family survived without any injuries, and they are all safe and sound. No casualties have been reported as well.

Watch the footage below:

Important car safety tips

Here are some important safety reminders to consider whenever you’re riding in a car with your family.

1. Drive safely

It’s better to get to your destination late than to be driving too fast and be caught in an accident. Always remember that you’re not the only one being put in danger whenever you drive too fast, so always do your best to drive slow and safely.

2. Use a car seat if possible

In other countries, using a car safety seat for children is mandatory. However, while it isn’t the law in the Philippines, it’s still advisable for children to sit inside a car safety seat whenever they’re riding a car.

3. Children shouldn’t sit in front

Ideally, children should be seated in the back, along with an adult. Being seated in front can be very dangerous should you get into a car accident, so it’s best to be safe and let your child sit in the back instead.

4. Check to make sure the car has no problems

Make sure that the car has no issues, the brakes are working, and the tires aren’t too worn down. Regular maintenance is important when you have a car, since accidents can sometimes happen if the car isn’t in tip-top shape.

5. Wear seatbelts!

Seatbelts save lives, and it’s important for everyone to wear their seatbelts, not just the driver or those who are seated in front.


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