“Our child had Kawasaki Disease!”

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Kawasaki disease is a serious illness characterized by inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body that primarily affects young children and infants.

Kawasaki Disease could be an extremely frightening experience for parents as there are simply no established tests to diagnose it – only a process of elimination.  We were asked to share our story to help other parents who may find themselves in a similar situation.

The start

Our son, Kai was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease when he was 7 months old. His symptoms started on a Thursday. Kai had been restless and irritable, waking up during the night and having a slightly elevated temperature. As Kai had started teething and the temperature wasn’t particularly high we just dismissed this as being down to teething.

On Friday, Kai’s temperature did not ease and he started to develop body rashes. On seeing this we went to KK Hospital where a blood test was performed. After several hours we were eventually seen by a doctor who advised us it could be an infection. No notable symptoms were present to make the doctor think this could be anything else other than a random infection that kids pick up.

The doctor even mentioned that as Kai was not displaying all the symptoms of Kawasaki Disease we had nothing to worry about. We went back home with some antibiotics and paracetamol and we were feeling more upbeat that nothing was seriously wrong.


We were instructed to give the antibiotics a few days to work, but Kai’s body rashes started to spread all over his body very quickly. While the fever persisted, Kai’s eyes became very bloodshot and his irritability and restlessness were still present. He wasn’t feeding well and was becoming weaker.

We were constantly searching online and all sort of internet suggestions came up which got us really worried and we couldn’t conclude what was exactly wrong with Kai. The next day we brought him to the family clinic nearby and the doctor suspected that it was in fact Kawasaki Disease and suggested us to monitor him another one or two days and if the fever persisted then then we should seek a second opinion.

We gave it another day to see if the antibiotics would work, but the fever still didn’t subside and Kai had developed swollen hands and feet and his lips became dry, cracked and red. We decided not to wait any longer as Kai had lost his appetite and couldn’t sleep at all. On Monday we went to KK Hospital again and Kai was admitted for suspected Kawasaki Disease.

The doctors took blood and urine samples to rule out any blood or urinary tract infections. An ultrasound scan on the heart was also carried out.

Watching your child battle with Kawasaki disease is a frightening experience. What are the symptoms to watch out for and how is it treated? Click on next to learn more.

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