Child Suffers Concussion After Pregnant Woman Purposely Trips Him Up

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A child suffers concussion after a pregnant woman deliberately made him trip and fall. Read about this incident which has gone viral...

A 4-year-old boy suffered a concussion after a pregnant woman purposely stuck out her leg and tripped him up, at a restaurant in China.

She was apparently 'annoyed' by the child's behavior.

Pregnant mom annoyed by boy's behavior

According to the South China Morning Post, the incident happened at a small restaurant in Baoji in Shaanxi province, northern China.

The pregnant woman and her husband were eating at the place. The boy dashed past them, causing the plastic door curtain to hit the woman's face.

This annoyed her, and she decided to teach him a lesson.

When the child ran back again to leave the restaurant, the woman stuck her leg out, and made the boy fall.

She continued eating and acted like nothing had happened.

The boy's mother ran to his aid, and rushed him to hospital.

The little child, who suffers a heart defect, was diagnosed with concussion.

child suffers concussion

Child suffers concussion

Thankfully, the boy is now in stable condition.

At first, the boy's mom was unaware of how it had actually happened.

She said, "At first I thought my boy tripped himself, but later he told me that the woman tripped him, which was confirmed by other customers in the shop."

“I checked the CCTV and was so angry that I called the police.”

“Police said they would detain her for 10 days and penalize her 1,000 yuan (US$160), but she is seven months pregnant."

“We do not wish to affect her. I have children myself. I can understand.”

Later, the woman turned herself in to the police. She apologized and offered to bear the medical fees for the boy.

Netizens criticize the woman

CCTV footage of the incident has gone viral. The pregnant woman received a lot of flak from netizens who found her behavior "shameful".

“As someone who is soon going to be a mother, this act is really shameful,” said a Weibo user.

While another netizen opined, “Do some good things for the baby in your tummy, please.”

Many were shocked by her meanness, "You’ll be a mother soon, aren't you afraid of your own children being harmed? Your aggression is not good for you baby. You're an adult — shame on you!"

What do you feel, readers?

Meanwhile, here is the much-talked about video:

(Source: SCMP, Stomp)

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