5-year-old children are being sold to pedophiles by their own mothers

5-year-old children are being sold to pedophiles by their own mothers

The shocking revelation came from a documentary that detailed the sordid sex trade that's prevalent right here in the Philippines.

Stacey Dooley, a journalist and documentary filmmaker, set out to film a documentary that detailed the disturbing truth about the sex trade and human trafficking in the Philippines.

"Mums Selling Their Kids For Money"

In her documentary entitled "Mums Selling Their Kids For Money," Stacey went to the Philippines to investigate the underground sex trade wherein mothers are giving their kids to pedophiles, in exchange for cash.

They worked closely with local authorities to document sting operations that are conducted in an attempt to apprehend the mothers who are selling their children for sex. There are also some cases wherein the children are abused live on camera, while foreigners pay in order to watch the live stream.

Sex trafficking has become a large problem in the Philippines as of late, as a large number of UK and US nationals travel to the country just to engage in sex with minors.

They told him that their children can "do sex"

In the documentary, Stacey interviews a Homeland agent named "Mike," who is the one who talks to the women by creating a fake identity, and gathers evidence needed to convict the mothers. He adds that the children's own mothers are often the ones who abuse them live on camera, while being directed by paying customers.

He shares, "Some of these guys sometimes ask for the most horrendous abuse of a child. They could ask for a child to be lit on fire, basically tortured. Some of these guys you read their [online chats], they’re obviously terribly sick people, they’re monsters."

In one case, they had access to a sting operation wherein two mothers, who are also sisters, told "Mike" that their children can "do sex."

Once the evidence was gathered, authorities came and arrested the two women.

They blamed the children for their actions

When asked, the women didn't show any regret for their actions. In fact, they even blamed their own children.

Stacey asked the women why they tried to sell their children for sex, and they responded with: "It was the kids, they initiated it themselves. Many youths do things they shouldn’t. There are things the parents can’t control. But I’m not selling [them]…"

Looking to the cameras, Stacey said "A, I know that’s a complete lie and B, to have that mentality when you’re supposed to be the person that protects them is just so depressing.

'It’s such a disappointment and they just confirm that it was right to take those kids away from them two."

The women will be facing life sentences for child trafficking, as well as additional charges of child abuse and child pornography.

The children will be given emotional as well as psychological support, however they will forever suffer under the trauma of the sexual abuse that they've experienced. Stacey adds that a lot of the children tend to fall to substance abuse, and become suicidal as they grow older.

"Part of you is delighted that the operation is going well because ultimately the kids are going to be safe and well in the future, but then you remind yourself that there are no real winners because these kids are going to have their mums taken away from them.

'It’s very sad, it’s very grey, and there is no black and white," she shares.
Source: dailymail.co.uk

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