Chinese woman caught on cam yelling at Filipino domestic worker

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A woman from Hong Kong was caught on video verbally abusing a Filipino domestic worker who was taking care of a baby and 2 dogs at a park.

Netizen Mel C. Santiago caught on video an encounter between a Chinese woman and a Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong.

The video now has over a million views and over 16,000 shares on Facebook. 

Why did the woman shout at the Filipino domestic worker?

In the video, the woman can be seen yelling at the domestic worker. Apparently, one of the helper's dogs bit the woman's dog during a fight.

As a result, the woman got angry at the Filipina and started shouting at her. The woman said, "Why you bring the baby together with the dog?!"

The woman also wanted the domestic helper to call her boss. However, the helper gave the woman her boss' number instead, which made the woman even more angry.

The video goes on for a few more minutes, with the woman adding, "Go back to Philippines! Bad attitude, bad helper!"

Eventually, the domestic helper got her things to leave, but the Chinese woman still wouldn't stop. She continued her rant, while the helper calmly said "Thank you" and told her to talk with her boss instead.

The domestic helper was identified as "MJ"

In a second post shared by the original uploader of the video, the domestic worker was identified as MJ.

MJ shared that her bosses shared the video with other Chinese nationals who condemned the woman's actions.

MJ added that her employers are very good to her, and they decided not to file a case this time. However, they will be using the video as evidence should the incident happen again.

Hopefully the woman has learned her lesson, and we hope that in the future, she will learn to respect anyone, regardless of the type of work they have.

Check out the video below:


Source: Asia One

Photo screencapped from Facebook

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