Christmas gift ideas to make moms happy during the holidays!

Christmas is less than a month away, but it's not too late to shop for the perfect gift for your mom and mommy friends!

The Holidays are upon us once again! We all know that a big part of the fun of the season lies in shopping for gifts for your nearest and dearest, but with all the choices out there, it can be tough to decide on the perfect present.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of fun and thoughtful gift ideas! Whether you’re shopping for your own mom or mom friends, they will surely love these!

Something to make Noche Buena planning easier

Moms are usually the ones who are busy buying ingredients and preparing food for everyone, so giving them the gift of stress-free Noche Buena preparations will truly be appreciated.

Head on over to the Metro Stores for festive baskets, which range from Php200 to Php 2,500, filled to the brim with family favorites!

photo courtesy of The Metro Stores

Something to boost their confidence

Moms need makeup that works as hard as they do. Go for a touch proof foundation that is long lasting and provides a flawless finish.

photo courtesy of Max Factor

Why not get them a waterproof eyeliner duo? This allows them to go from day to night looks in a few easy steps.

photo courtesy of Rustan Marketing Corporation

A good lipstick will put a smile on any mom’s face, but more so will lippies that revive their supple lips. Choose lipstick sets that prime, peel, revive, moisturize, and maintain luscious lips, over the newest trendy color or matte.

photo courtesy of Make Up Factory


Something to help them make the most out of 2018

There’s no end to what a mom has to accomplish, so arm them with a planner that not only keeps them organized, but also inspired!

photo courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Something they can share with the whole family

An eco-friendly bag stuffed with goodies and essentials, for parents and kids alike, is one thoughtful way of making a mom friend feel special during the holidays!

photo: Rustan’s supermarket

Something to complement their personal style

How about a classic but quirky handbag to add to their growing investment pieces?

photo courtesy of Marc Jacobs

With all the travelling during the holidays, perhaps a comfortable and cool sweaters could be the perfect gift for a jetsetting mom?

photo courtesy of Bershka

photo courtesy of GAP

Something to remind them that me-time matters

Get the busy mom fun and festive soaps, like bath bombs and bubble bars, to remind them that baths should not be rushed, but savored!

photo courtesy of LUSH

You could also give them an anti-aging serum that restores their youthful glow and makes them look and feel well rested despite all of their mommy duties.

photo courtesy of CLARINS

For the mom who always wants to tame their hair tangles, a set of sturdy brushes would be the perfect gift!

photo courtesy of DENMAN

No one will ever guess they have had a series of sleepless nights with a set of effective eye patches and masks.

photo courtesy of LUKE Total Skin Solution

There’s nothing like a great mani/pedi to soothe and relax hardworking moms! It would be even more fun if they had their own nail polish that suits their fun personality, like Girlstuff’s latest collaboration with Disney!

photo by Girlstuff

Something to use to make something delicious for their families

For culinary savvy moms, a festive box of kitchen essentials, like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and other fresh herbs, would be the perfect present!

photo courtesy of Oliviers & Co.


Something to keep them connected with loved ones

If you’re feeling extra generous, why not give your mom a smartphone? Best of all, they can use it to take the best selfies and family photos!

Incidentally, Oppo has also released their Holiday Gift Guide to help make choosing the perfect phone for mom that much easier!

Why not surprise mom with an amazing and luxurious gift this Holiday season?

christmas gift ideas 2017

Photo courtesy of Oppo

Something to enrich their minds while they’re on a break

There are a lot of fun and enlightening parenting books out there. The latest ones that caught our attention are Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World by renowned parenting and character expert Dr. Michele Borba and How To Raise a Superstar by journalist Nina Corpuz.

Unselfie is an educational and inspiring kid that will change the way parents prioritize empathy and kindness and harnessing their kids innate goodness!

How to Raise a Superstar features some of the most popular local celebrities and the stories of the super moms who nurtured and raised them for success.

We hope that this varied list has helped you pick out a perfect present that will make a mom feel truly loved this holiday season!

Something refreshing that all moms can enjoy

While it’s true that some moms like to drink wine every so often, other moms would still prefer to drink something refreshing yet non-alcoholic that their kids can also enjoy.

That’s why Welch’s sparkling juices make for a really classy and unique gift for moms this holiday season!

christmas gift ideas 2017

Photo courtesy of Welch’s

The amazing thing about Welch’s sparkling juices is that they make a good base for mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails.

Here’s a great recipe for a Honey Grape Mocktini!

½ cup Welch’s White Grape Sparkling Cocktail
1 tsp Honey
6 Grapes
½ Cup Club Soda
2 tsp Lemon Juice
Stir together Welch’s White Grape Sparkling Cocktail, honey, and lemon juice. Divide between two glasses filled with ice and top with club soda. To serve, garnish with a skewer of grapes.

Something to remind mom of amazing family moments!

For Filipinos, pan de sal during breakfast is as ubiquitous as eating rice in every meal. The smell of freshly baked pan de sal in the morning is sure to bring back amazing family moments of sitting at the breakfast table and enjoying each other’s company as you bite into a warm and tasty piece of pan de sal.

And what better gift to give mom than bread from Pan de Manila, one of the Philippines’ most beloved bakeries!

christmas gift ideas 2017

Photo courtesy of Pan de Manila

This Holiday season, Pan de Manila is giving out limited edition paper bags and Christmas giftpacks featuring the amazing artwork of Antipolo-based artist Noel Mahilum.

Noel’s iconic artwork is reminiscent of his ‘Batu-Bato’ series wherein his colorful circular strokes feature stones and portray the innocence of children and their love for celebration.


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