7 Tips to be more comfortable when having sex with your spouse

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For married couples, being comfortable during sex is important so that they can enjoy their intimate moments and have an amazing sex life!

Did you know that not all married couples feel comfortable during sex? Sometimes, even couples that have been married for a long time can have some trouble when it comes to being relaxed in the bedroom.

Of course, if a couple feels comfortable with themselves and with each other during sex, then sex will be much more enjoyable and intimate.

Here are 7 ways to be more comfortable during sex with your spouse:

1. Spend more time with each other

Being comfortable with each other during sex goes beyond what happens inside the bedroom. Try and spend more time with each other, go on dates, or just go on walks with your spouse. This helps build intimacy and closeness which will make you both feel more comfortable with each other.

2. Talk to each other

Couples also need to communicate their sexual needs with each other. Sometimes, couples are too embarrassed or afraid to tell each other what their sexual needs are, so they tend to feel uncomfortable during sex.

Talk to each other, ask your spouse about their fantasies, what things turn them on, what are their likes and dislikes during sex. All of these things can help make sex a much more enjoyable activity for the both of you.

3. There's no need to rush

Sex isn't a race! There's no need for couples to rush when they're having sex. Take the time to explore each other and be comfortable with each other during sex.

Learn more about each other during sex, and take your time.

4. Take out any distractions

Sometimes, people like it when there's music during sex, but for others, it makes it hard for them to focus on enjoying sex.

Try out different things, turn off the television, turn off the lights and just enjoy each other using your senses. Sex and relationship counselor Julie Jeske shares, "So often people are in their heads rather than their bodies."

Sometimes you just have to stop overthinking things and just let things happen.

5. Mix things up

If something's not working for you in bed, then there's no point in trying to keep doing it. Mix things up, try out different positions, and know what works and what doesn't.

There's no harm in experimenting and trying out new things.

6. Be direct

If you want your spouse to do something during sex, then be direct and tell them. Not everyone has experience in sex, and it really does help if you tell your partner what your needs are and be direct about it.

Sex will be much more enjoyable for the both of you if you're upfront with your needs.

7. Always be positive

Sex should be fun, and not a stressful activity. Don't overthink it and focus on being in the moment with your partner.

Having a negative attitude won't do anything good for your sex life, so it's best to be confident and be open with learning and trying out new things!

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