What are the most common mistakes that couples do after sex?

You or your spouse might be unknowingly doing these things after having sex. Read on to find out more!

Did you know that your post-sex routine is very important? Not only when it comes to health, but also in terms of keeping you and your spouse close. Here are some common mistakes that couples do after sex, and how to avoid them:

Not cuddling afterwards

Cuddling is very important for couples, even if you didn't have sex. Cuddling brings you and your spouse closer together, and keeps things sweet and intimate, without being sexual. It also feels nice to have someone right beside you as it gives you a feeling of comfort and security.

Immediately falling asleep afterwards

Making love might get you tired, but that's no excuse to immediately doze off afterwards! Talk to your spouse, tell them that you love them, and that the sex was amazing. You can even ask them about their day. Make it a point to not make sex a means to an end, but a part of a routine where you and your spouse reconnect with each other.

Complain about the sex

Yep, some couples do this. While others might be more passive aggressive about complaining, some express their dissatisfaction outright! While it's important to tell your partner what you like and don't like, there's a time and place for these things, and after sex is most definitely NOT the best time to talk about it.

Checking your phone

Be honest, a lot of people do this right after having sex! While it's not entirely wrong, it does make your spouse feel that your phone is much more important than him/her. We're sure that whatever text or email you're waiting for can wait for a few minutes, so why not just lie down with your spouse and bask in the afterglow?

Not washing up afterwards

It's very important that after having sex, you wash up, and pee. Why? Because even if you're only having sex with your spouse, it's important to keep yourself clean, especially down there. Of course, don't do it immediately after having sex. You can cuddle a bit with your spouse, and then get cleaned up after.

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