What are the most common types of food that moms crave during 'paglilihi'?

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Pregnant moms crave the weirdest types of food when they're pregnant. So for the dads out there, here's a list of what pregnant moms love to eat!

When Pinay moms get pregnant, a lot of them go through 'paglilihi', or the food cravings and sometimes even mood swings that they have.

But there are a few types of food that most pregnant Pinay moms eat during their pregnancy. Here's just a few of those strange types of food.

1. Green mangoes with bagoong

Green mangoes with bagoong is one of the most common types of food that pregnant moms crave. In addition to tasting pretty yummy, pregnant women have this strange fascination with really sour food.

And being a classic Filipino snack that's also readily available, green mangoes with bagoong is right up there at the top of the list. Though, too much bagoong can be bad, as bagoong has a high sodium content. So make sure your wife doesn't eat too much bagoong!

2. Atchara

Another sour food, atchara goes well with a lot of Filipino dishes, especially with fried food. Like green mangoes, atchara is readily available, so dads won't have a hard time looking for the condiment when their wife suddenly craves for it.

Though, dads might have a bit of a problem if their wife is looking for a very specific type of atchara, like atcharang ampalaya, or atcharang sayote. If your wife suddenly craves for that, then best of luck!

3. Anything with chocolate

Filipinos are well-known for their sweet tooth. And for pregnant moms, this is especially true, even if a lot of moms believe that eating too much chocolate can make their baby dark-skinned (FYI, it's not true).

Chocolate also has a lot of endorphins that can make you happy, and it's just a really tasty snack. Though, dark chocolate is healthier compared to regular milk chocolate, so it's best if you buy your wife dark chocolate instead.

4. French fries or potato chips

Ahh, salty potato snacks. French fries or potato chips are not only delicious, but the salt content these snacks have also help pregnant women when it comes to water retention.

Though, eating too much might not be healthy, as these contain a lot of oil, and a lot of salt. It might be better if your wife eats a baked potato instead, as it's much healthier than french fries or potato chips.

5. Sweet corn

Yup, sweet corn. The ubiquitous snack that you almost always see being sold on the side of the road, or being sold in a stall inside malls. You can also buy uncooked sweet corn for cheap in some markets, and cook it at home instead.

In addition to being tasty, and readily available, it also has folic acid which helps when it comes to preventing birth defects in children.

Source: pinoyexchange.com

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