8 Compliments your kids are dying to hear from you

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“Children have a need to belong. They are trying to fit in at school, with friends or in youth groups. Remind them often they are crucial to your life and that you are grateful for them.”

Children inherently crave for attention and praise and generally positive interaction with authority figures.

According to Candace Johnson’s Family Share article, “by complimenting the child’s action and effort, rather than a broad compliment of the child themselves, can significantly motivate your child to be better and feel better.”

Here are the nine compliments Candace says you should tell your children:

1. I believe in you

8 Compliments Your Kids are Dying to Hear from You

Not only do they need to know whether or not they’re succeeding, they also need to know that you have their backs.

“Your child needs to know that whether they are succeeding at the moment, or not, that you have not given up on their ability to succeed.”

2. That choice makes me proud

“Some choices won’t make you proud, but applauding the good choices will encourage your children to continue making wise decisions in order to gain your praise.”

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