Concerned netizen seeks help for jeepney driver’s sick daughter

A concerned netizen shared the sad story of a jeepney driver who is alone in caring for his sick daughter after his wife and kids left them.

A concerned netizen recently shared the story of a jeepney driver who takes his daughter along with him when he's plying his route, since there's no one else that would be able to take care of his daughter

His wife and other children left him

Rey Lemon, the jeepney driver, shared the story of how he has to bring his sick daughter along when he's driving his jeepney, since there's no one else that would be able to take care of her beloved daughter who is suffering from a kidney disease.

The sad thing is that him and her daughter were left by his wife, as well as his other children ever since her daughter got sick. It's also hard for him to take of his daughter, since he only earns a small amount of money as a jeepney driver, and his daughter's sickness left her bedridden, and unable to move at all.

Rey added that he only earns barely enough to provide for their food, and diapers for her daughter, but someday, he wants to earn enough money so that he can seek medical treatment for his daughter's condition.

They need our help

After being shared by a concerned netizen, Rey's story has gone viral, and has been shared over 252,000 times on social media. The post also received over 200,000 likes.

Rey and his daughter are asking for help from anyone kind enough to offer their assistance, since as a jeepney driver, he only earns about 200-300 pesos a day. Hopefully, there will be kind people that would help them out, so that he can get his daughter treated so she can get better.

Those who wish to donate can contact Rey Lemon through this number: 0948-861-8629. Rey and his daughter live in Barangay Cacarong in Pandi, Bulacan.


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