How to relieve constipation in toddlers

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How to deal with constipation in toddlers is something that parents ought to know. So, read this to know its signs and how you can help relieve it,

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Raising a toddler is as challenging as it can get. From figuring out how to do diffuse a tantrum to getting them to eat their vegetables, the last thing you’d want to worry about is their bowel movement!

Unfortunately though, like adults, while toddlers may go to the loo as often as 1-2x a day, there may be times when you encounter poop-free toilet days.

Don’t throw yourself into a panicked frenzy though, your child may simply be constipated. The signs of constipation include a stomach ache, bloating, resisting the need to go because it will hurt, crying or screaming during a bowel movement, loss of appetite, nausea and even crankiness.

Don’t be too alarmed

You might be surprised to know that constipation in a toddler is actually normal. Their little digestive systems are adjusting to a diet that consists of solids with liquids since the only diet that they’ve known for the past months have been nothing but liquid. Not being alarmed, however, is not code for ignoring the situation.

When your toddler experiences bouts of constipation, you need to take action to help relieve them of this painful situation. Otherwise, your child may end up having greater difficulty in being toilet trained, may resist releasing their bowels (causing more problems) or even tearing their rectum.

All in all, a toddler will usually have a bowel movement once a day–one that is easy to pass. Bowel movements that are hard, difficult to pass and are tinged with blood are constipated stools. If this describes your toddler’s fecal matter, you need to take preventative measures and give them some relief, as well.


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Encourage your toddler’s bowel movement with the following tips:

  • Make sure your toddler gets plenty of water to drink
  • Make sure your child is getting plenty of the 5 P’s – papaya, pear, plums, peaches and prunes
  • Avoid giving your toddler junk food such as chips, processed foods and candy which have chemicals that tend to constipate and little or no fiber
  • Limit cheese and other dairy products
  • Limit intake of rice cereal
  • Avoid apples, sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas
  • Take your toddler to the bathroom on a regular basis throughout the day to encourage regularity. Sit with them–reading, singing, talking–to help them relax and take their mind off the matter at hand. If a toddler thinks it’s going to hurt to go, they’re going to tense up and resist going.
  • Exercise is important. Making sure your children get plenty of time to run, walk, climb, jump and move around–these are important to keeping their systems working properly.


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